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Heinz to package ketchup in recyclable paper bottles

Food and beverage giant Heinz announced that it will be launching a new sustainable paper package for its ketchup. In partnership with sustainable packaging company Pulpex, the two will launch the world's first ketchup packaged in 100% recyclable bottles. According to Pulplexc, the bottle will be made from wood sourced in a sustainable manner.[...]

Cows and deer threaten Earth's largest living organism

We expect destruction to come from something obviously terrible, such as nuclear war or a giant asteroid plunging towards Earth. But a much gentler threat may be the death of the worldas largest living organism; Utahas Pando Aspen Grove. Deer and cows are nibbling it into oblivion.[...]

11 perfect tiny plants to decorate your tiny home

Living tiny means making decisions about every item in your home. From clothing to cookware, only the essentials will fit into the minimalist lifestyle. However, no home should be without greenery. So even if your space is limited, there are tiny plants for your tiny home that will make the perfect addition without contributing clutter.[...]

Thailand home connects to its beautiful surroundings

The Baan Hom Din House by TA-CHA Design is situated on a former rice paddy in Thailand. The paddy rests in the lush valley between parallel ranges of the Petchabun mountains. The house's design caters to the lives of the residents and fosters a close connection with the surrounding environment.[...]

IKEA launches a beachy collection with World Surf League

Two iconic agencies have come together to launch a product lineup that caters to the outdoor lifestyle and the environment. IKEA, in partnership with the World Surf League, released the KASEBERGA collection in early May 2022.A With respect to the ocean and the recreational lifestyle surrounding it, the collection is practical and made fromA eco-friendly materials.[...]

Plants grow in lunar soil for first time

If youave ever dreamed of moving to the moon and planting a garden, you just might be in luck. A new study has successfully grown plants in lunar soil for the first time.[...]

Scientists discover how to stop banana peels from browning

Understanding and changing how banana peels brown could help the world save tons of food that go to waste each year, according to a new study published inA "Physical Biology."[...]

This barn achieved LEED Platinum with its Zen design

The Zen Barn by Christopher Simmonds Architect is a home in a historic Ottawa neighborhood. It achieved LEED Platinum for homes status while maximizing on a casual, modern style. The second story is cantilevered over the first story to shade it from the sun, while a recessed courtyard allows for large windows on the south for passive solar heating. All of this work is invisible, with a light, effortless and tranquil effect to the final home.[...]

Ovolo is the world's first hotel group to go vegetarian

In October 2020, Ovolo Hotels announced its aYear of the Vega campaign. All the hotel restaurants went vegetarian for a whole year. It was such a success the hotel group decided to continue with the mostly plant-based (plus some lacto-ovo) menus. Now Ovolo is the first hotel chain to go all veg.[...]

Asian woman-owned EQUO creates 100% plastic free utensils

Vietnam-based sustainability company EQUO raisedA $1.3 millionA in seed funding to create sugarcane-based alternatives to single-use plastics. EQUO, founded in 2020 by Marina Tran-Vu, offers plastic-free and compostable products made of coffee, coconut and sugarcane.[...]

Can a controversial desalination plant ease California's drought?

Spurred on by the western megadrought, the California Coastal Commission is expected to vote this week on a controversial $1.4 billion desalination plant near Huntington State Beach. Proponents say it could help the drinking water shortage. Skeptics claim marine life will pay the price.[...]

Greek island changes fortune with green tech

Authorities on the small island of Tilos in Greece have announced that 80% of its trash is now being recycled. Tilos almost lost all of its population due to power and waste problems, however, Greek policymakers decided to use the island to test green tech. In due time, they have turned around its fortune.[...]

Australian townhouses minimize water and energy use

Green Sheep Collective Architects from Melbourne, Australia answered the call from a client to create an exceptional set of townhouses. They were to be sustainable, high-quality construction with an eye for modern architectural details. We'd say they succeeded.[...]

Aura Bora sparkling waters give back to the planet

For those who get bored of drinking plain water or prefer to add bubbles without calories, sparkling water is a popular choice. But along with the bubbles, many sparkling waters offer bland flavors or artificial junk. Aura Bora Founders Paul and Maddie Voge set out to change all that with plant-based flavor combinations that are bold, natural and different.A [...]

This is the first passive house dormitory in Canada

UBCO Skeena Residence complex has 220 bedrooms, a beautiful Commons area and sustainability features throughout. Its integrated design process is energy efficiency and fits practical living needs.[...]

Organic mushroom farm sets up shop in LA County

Soon Los Angeles shoppers will be able to buy organic, locally grown mushrooms in more than 90 stores. A mushroom farming company called Smallhold is opening a 34,000-foot shroom enterprise in LA County.[...]

Dinosaur extinction caused unexpected changes in plants and fruits

About 60 million years ago, the CretaceousaPaleogene (KaPg) extinction occurred, wiping away almost a third of all existing animals, including dinosaurs, from planet Earth.In recent years, scientists have been toying around with the idea ofgenetically reengineeringsome of the long-lost animals. Although still a far-fetched dream, researchers have now found that restoring the Jurassic Park would take a lot more than just reengineering the lost animals.[...]

Bamboo diapers are better for your wallet and the planet

The average baby will use 5,000 to 6,000 diapers before they are toliet trained. According to a report from the EPA, disposable diapers make up about 7% of nondurable household waste. DYPER, bamboo diapers, are addressing this environmental issue.[...]

Passive and green design becomes of Annandale House

Day Bukh Architects met the challenges of designing a green home that matches the clientas desire for a minimalist and sustainable lifestyle. Located in the inner city suburb of Annandale in Sydney on a large, wide lot, the home features a variety of green design elements.A [...]

New survey examines sustainable travel and ecotourism

Sustainability is a growing concern, and many folks will put in a little more work and pay a few more dollars to support greener businesses when traveling. So says travel reservation giant after tallying results from a large international survey.[...]

Commercial fishing waste causes growing concern

With 820 million people globally going hungry, the scandal of fish waste is especially shocking. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) about 35% of all fish, mollusks and crustaceans taken from the worldas waters never reach a dinner plate.[...]

Human remains revealed by Lake Mead's dropping water levels

On Saturday afternoon, National Park Service rangers found more human body remains at Lake Mead. This comes less than a week after other remains were discovered in aA barrelA at the reservoir located on the borders of Nevada and Arizona. The remains were exposed after the water levels at the reservoir dropped significantly.[...]

CANON headquarters features modular, energy-efficient design

The building for the new CANON Production Printing Netherlands headquarters focuses on energy efficient design and Canon's Kyosei philosophy: living and working together for the common good.[...]

10 world landmarks would look if air pollution worsens

Housefresh completed a study that looks at the visual impact of worsening air pollution on the world's top 10 landmarks. They warn us if we don't reduce air pollution, we might lose some of the most beautiful places on Earth. From St. Peter's Basilica in Rome to the Eiffel Tower, here's how the world's destinations with the most incredible views will suffer if air pollution continues to increase.[...]

Furniture is built for Keeps with focus on waste reduction

Low-quality, mass produced furniture is piling up in the landfills. Seattle-based furniture brand Keeps has taken a stand to produce sustainably sourced, affordable and long-lasting furniture to counter the "fast-furniturea" culture. They recently released their first bedroom pieces.A A [...]

Senior home builds a social and eco-friendly community

Located in West Los Angeles, the Howard and Irene Levine Senior Community is a mid-rise housing development for low-income seniors and homeless senior veterans. The apartments were designed by KFA Architecture for Mercy Housing of California.[...]

They deliver meals, groceries and inspiration right to you

Hungryroot is an online grocery store, food service and meal planning assistant. They focus on healthy, quick and convenient meal options to make planning, shopping and cooking faster and easier.A [...]

Seattle apartment is an imaginative response to urban growth

Seattle is expected to grow by another 70,000 residents in the next 20 years. A collaboration between The Miller Hull Partnership and Runberg Architecture Group resulted in a whimsical new style of apartment building. With cantilevered longitudinally placed balconies and a generous public green space in front, 8th and Republican is a different kind of urban residence aiming at a more pleasant and sustainable future. [...]

Reimagine project revamps outdoor spaces in Baltimore

The city of Baltimore, South Baltimore Gateway Partnership, Parks and People Foundation and James Corner Field Operations unveiled an urban renewal project. It will renovate more than 11 miles of shoreline along the Patapsco River in South Baltimore.[...]

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How Partytown Eliminates Website Bloat From Third-Party Scripts

Introducing Partytown, a lightweight open-source solution that reduces execution delays due to third-party JavaScript by offloading third-party scripts to web workers, which run in background threads.

CTA Modal: How To Build A Web Component

In this article, Nathan Smith explains how to create modal dialog windows with rich interaction that will only require authoring HTML in order to be used. They are based on Web Components that are currently supported by every major browser.

Boosting UX With Design KPIs

We should be able to measure how well a particular design solves a particular problem. Letas explore design KPIs that capture useras experience, how to measure them and how to keep both users and business stakeholders happy, over time.

Preventing Bad UX Through Integrated Design Workflows

When bad UX has lingered in a product for so long, it can feel like a mountain to overcome. In this article, Ceara Crawshaw shares her advice on how you can invoke joy and assure the quality in the work done on product teams.

What If Our Sliders Actually Slid?

In this article, Jhey Tompkins explores one of GreenSocksa newest plugins alongside React to create an impractical whimsical spin on a well-known native element: ``.

Testing The CLI The Way People Use It

Have you ever wondered, why do people write CLI tools? When is a good time to think about yours? Today weall touch on these questions, along with some tips to remember when creating one. However, all of this serves as a prelude to the real topic: end-to-end testing of CLI tools.

Designing Better Navigation With Navigation Queries

In UX, we can use navigation queries, evaluation journeys, A-Z index and tap-ahead autocomplete to help users get where they want to be, faster. Letas find out how.

Productivity Tips And Tools For A More Efficient Workflow

Who doesnat love a good timesaver? In this post, we compiled useful productivity tips and tools that help you speed up routine tasks, enhance your development workflow, and stay organized.

Jamstack Rendering Patterns: The Evolution

In this article, Ekene Eze shares his thoughts about the direction of the web in 2022, and what solutions we can expect to see come up in the ecosystem to significantly improve the Jamstack experience.

The Ultimate Guide To Push Notifications For Developers

What are the benefits of using push notifications and what can you use them for? In this article, Lee Munroe explains how to implement them and which practices are best to follow.

How To Use Storytelling In UX

Storytelling is a powerful tool for any UX designer. It helps create a product and understand the people who use it. In this article, Marli Mesibov takes a real-life example of an app she helped to build in 2017 and explains five steps you can use to help you build a story into your user experience.

When And How To Use Freelancers In Your Organization

Whether you work in-house or run a digital agency, there are occasions when you will consider hiring freelancers to supplement your team. Today, weall take a look into a platform known as [Upwork]( and the best ways in finding the the right freelancers as well as integrating them into your team.

Designing A Better Carousel UX

Carousels donat have a good reputation, and rightfully so. But we can make them more useful. **Best practices and guidelines** to improve the carousel design with honest scrolling direction, labels, thumbnails and grouped prev/next-buttons.

Around The Artifacts Of Design Systems (Case Study)

Like many things, a design system isnat ever a finished thing — itas a journey. How we go about that journey can affect the things we produce along the way. Before diving in and starting to plan anything out, be clear about where the benefits and the risks might lie.

Boost Resource Loading With fetchpriority, A New Priority Hint

This new attribute will enable us to fine-tune relative resource priority, improve LCP performance, deprioritize JavaScript fetch calls, and much more. Letas check out fetchpriority and explore some potential use cases.

Dynamic Data-Fetching In An Authenticated Next.js App

Data is among the most important things that make up a web application or a conventional native app. We need data to be able to see and perhaps understand the purpose of an application. In this article, weall look at another approach to obtaining data in an application that requires authentication or authorization using Next.js.

Designing Better Breadcrumbs

In this series of articles, we highlight design patterns and techniques to design better interfaces. You can also find more examples in [aSmart Interface Design Patternsa](, a 6h-video course with 100s of hand-picked examples, curated by Vitaly.

Devs For Ukraine, A Free Online Charity Conference dod|

[Devs For Ukraine]( is a free online charity conference organized by the lovely people at Remote. Two days filled with talks from engineering leaders around the globe, in support of Ukraine. April 25–26.

How To Get Work Done: Wrangling Stakeholders And Overcoming Obstacles

Whether you work in-house or for an external agency, we all share one challenge — dealing with stakeholders, be they your boss, colleagues, or clients. In this post, veteran web designer Paul Boag shares his approach to getting things done in even the most challenging organizations.

How To Build A Progressively Enhanced, Accessible, Filterable And Paginated List

Ever wondered how to build a paginated list that works with and without JavaScript? In this article, Manuel explains how you can leverage the power of Progressive Enhancement and do just that with Eleventy and Alpine.js.

The What, When, Why And How Of Next.jsa New Middleware Feature

Next.jsa recent 12.0 release included a new beta feature: middleware. For a detailed explanation, you can read all about it in Samas previous article, a[Next.js Wildcard Subdomains]( This article, on the other hand, dives into the overall concept of middleware and how handy it can be in building things.

A Time For Reflection (April 2022 Desktop Wallpapers Edition)

Letas welcome the new month with some new wallpapers. Designed with love by artists and designers from across the globe, they are available in versions with and without a calendar for April 2022.

Designing A Better Infinite Scroll

Best practices and guidelines to improve the UX of infinite scroll with bookmarks, footer reveal and pagination.

SmashingConf Is Back In 2022

After two years when almost everything moved online, 2022 marks the return of in-person conferences. In fact, [SmashingConf is back]( coming to San Francisco and Austin in June, Freiburg (Germany) in September, and New York in October.

Jobs For Designers And Developers Affected By The War In Ukraine dod|

Are you a designer or developer affected by the war in Ukraine? Here are some options to consider if youare looking for a design or tech job.

A Guide To Hover And Pointer Media Queries

In this article, weall talk about how to adapt our sites to the different scenarios of a device pointer: whether it has a pointer or not, or how accurate it is. To adapt our site to those devicesa needs weall talk about how to properly use media queries `hover`, `pointer`, `any-hover` and `any-pointer`.

Remix Routes Demystified

In the past months, there have been lots of talks dedictaed to Remix. Routing is not only one of the things that sets it apart from other frameworks, but it also fuels great performance and improves the overall experience for developers. Letas dig in to all of the features that build up routing in this powerful framework.

Those HTML Attributes You Never Use

In this article, Louis Lazaris describes and demonstrates some interesting HTML attributes that you may or may not have heard of and perhaps find useful enough to personally use in one of your projects.

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